KCK lubricants driver File

KCK Lubricants is proud to support and protect all motorsport enthusiasts across Australia.

KCK Lubricants Drivers 2021

Ben Gersekowski

KCK Lubricants Ambassador

Driver: Ben Gersekowski

Owner: Vics Timber

Car: BMW M3 V8

Championship: Queensland Production Cars

KCK Lubricants, a proudly 100% Australian owned and manufacturer have teamed with Ben Gersekowski, with the Australian driver now an ‘official’ ambassador for the brand.

“Our team has used both the mineral based oil (Competing in Formula Ford) and full synthetic (Competing in Formula 3) over a period of 10 years without one failure, Gilmour Racing stated to KCK. “We have been given opportunities to use other brands of oil, given the success we had over the years with KCK we do not believe this to be an option. “To finish first, first you must finish” and our oil of choice has helped us achieve this over many races.”

Racing throughout Europe has seen Ben race on many famous and historic circuits. Some have left Gersekowski with fond memories and lasting impressions. “I can’t pick one favourite circuit,” He said. However, I do really enjoy all the old school circuits like Zandvoort, Imola, Monza, Lakeside and obviously Bathurst! At these circuits there is no margin for error and they make you really think to try and improve a lap time.”

With KCK Lubricants on board Ben Gersekowski is ready to take KCK Lubricants to the world stage as a KCK brand ambassador.

NOTE: Some of the Information above taken from Velocity Magazine KCK Feature V37. https://www.velocitymagazine.com.au/

Matt Gilmour

Mazda RX7

Owner:   Matthew Gilmour – KCK Racing Australia

Driver:   Matthew Gilmour

Car:   Mazda RX7

Engine:   Twin Turbo 347 ci Windsor

Gearbox:  TREMEC TKO

Brakes:   Front Factory RX7 with Winmax pads.

Rear: Factory RX7 with Dual Caliper for Drifting.

Wheels:   Koya

Tyres:   Hoosier A6

Supporters: KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants, Race Car Parts,    MyRaceProfile, FOZTRAX Earthmoving.

Career Highlights:   Go-Karts Runner UP, Australasian Championships in “200 Super”

Winner – Drag Racing Tin-Top Titles Supercharged Outlaws

Favourite Track:   Mt Panorama Bathurst 

2022 Series:   Queensland Super Sprint Championship

Paul Goodrick

VK Commodore

Owner:   Paul Goodrick – KCK Racing Australia

Driver:   Paul Goodrick

Car:   VK Commodore Group C Replica

Engine:   LS3 – 500 + RWHP

Gearbox:  T56

Diff:   9 Inch TrueTrac

Brakes:   AP Racing 6 Pot Front & Alcon 4 Pot Rears

Wheels:   Custom Three Piece Mesh 16 x 12

Tyres:   Hoosier P275/45ZR16 Slicks

Supporters: Race Car Parts, KCK Lubricants, JP Garage, AUS Timing,  MyRaceProfile

Favourite Track:  Morgan Park, Warwick

2022 Series:  Queensland Super Sprint Series

Noah Sands

Dallara Formula 3

Owner:   Gilmour Racing – KCK Racing Australia

Driver:   Noah Sands

Car:   Dallara 011

Engine:   Mercedes

Gearbox:  Hewland 6 Speed

Brakes:   Performance Friction

Wheels:   ATS

Tyres:   Hankook

Supporters: KCK Racing Australia, Gilmour Racing, KCK Lubricants, MyRaceProfile

2022 Series:   Australian Formula 3 Championship

John McLaughlin

TA2 Mustang

Owner:   John McLauglin – MyRaceProfile

Driver:   John McLaughlin

Car:   TA2 Mustang

Engine:   LS3 – 525 hp.

Gearbox:  G Force 4 Speed H Pattern

Brakes:   Wilwood GN6 Front, SL4 Rear with Wilwood or AP Rotors

Wheels:   Bassett Steel 15”

Tyres:   Hoosier 3045 Slick

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, MyRaceProfile, Herron Accountants, Pitbox, Northlakes Signs.

Career Highlights:   2016 Excel Cup Champion

2020 TA@ Round 1 Winner 

Favourite Track:   Lakside 

2022 Series:   AMRS – TA2 Muscle Cars

Anthony Levitt and Jason Simes

Mercedes C63 AMG

Owner:   Jason Simes & Tony Levitt – Levitt Motorsport

Driver:   Jason Simes & Tony Levitt

Car:   Mercedes C63 AMG

Engine:   6.2 Litre AMG

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, Boss Surveillance, MoComm, Axis        Communications, ADPV, Graphteq, MTR Images.

2022 Series:   Australian Production Touring Cars

Tim Macrow


Owner:   Tim Macrow Racing

Driver:   Tim Macrow

Car:   S5000

Engine:   Coyote v8

Gearbox:  Hollinger

Brakes Front: AP 4 Piston

Brakes Rear: AP 4 Piston

Wheels:  Max Wheels 2 piece

Tyres:   Hoosier

Supporters: UCS Group, Holinger Engineering, Inside Edge, Mack Bros., Vantage Freight, KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants

Career Highlights:   3 Times Aus F3 Champion, LMP3 China 3rd, Nürburgring 24 hour, Porsche Supercup Silverstone

Favourite Track:  Phillip Island, Sepang Malaysia

2022 Series:   ARG S5000 Championship

Reilly Brook

Dallara F306 F3

Owner:   Gilmour Racing F3

Driver:   Rielly Brook

Car:    Dallara F306 Mercedes F3

Engine:   Mercedes HWA F3 2 Litre restricted

Gearbox:  Hewland FTR 6 Speed Sequential

Brakes:   Performance Friction ventilated disks.

Wheels:   13″ x 8″ Front, 13″ x 10″ Rear

Tyres:   Hankook F200 slicks

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, SeaTrek, MSP Photography, Amigo Technology

Career Highlights:   3rd Place 2019 Australian F3 Championship

Favorite Track:   Sydney Motorsport Park

2021 Series:   Australian Formula F3 Championship

Garry Roberts and Shayne Smith

HQ Monaro and XB Hardtop Mini Muscle Cars

Owner:   Mini Muscle Cars

Drivers:   Gary and Shayne

Cars:   HQ Holden Monaro and XB GT Hardtop

Engine:   Rover 4 Litre V8

Gearbox:  6 Speed Sequential and Transaxle

Tyres:   Yokohama AO50

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, Raceworks, Haltech and Coxy’s Motorsports Spares.

2022 Series:   AMRS – Miniature Cars

John Phoenix


Owner:   John Phoenix

Driver:   John Phoenix

Car:   BMW E36

Engine:   BMW M42/S42 – 230 HP/270NM at the rears.

Gearbox:  Getrag 5 Speed

Diff:   Difflab 4.1

Brakes:   BMW 330 ci

Wheels:   Koya SF02 17 x 8

Tyres:   Yokohama AO50 245/40/17

Supporters: JPRE John Phoenix Race Engines, KCK Lubricants, Empire     Performance.

Career Highlights:  QTCC Round Win 2018 

Favourite Track:  Lakeside

2022 Series:  Queensland Touring Cars QTCC

Warwick Hill


Owner:   Warwick Hill

Driver:   Warwick Hill

Car:   BMW

Engine:   2JZ 675 HP

Gearbox:  TR6060

Diff:   Nissan GTR

Brakes:   BMW330i Front & R33 Rears

Wheels:   Works/Lenso

Tyres:   Zestino

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, Prestige Tyre & Auto, Zestino Tyres, McNally Jones Staff Lawyers, Stokland Shutters.

Career Highlights:  Top 16 Finish at World Time Attack International Drift Challenge 

Favourite Track:  Eastern Creek

2022 Series:  Hi-Tec Oils Drift All Stars

Chris Holdt

VY Commodore

Owner:   Chris Holdt

Driver:   Chris Holdt

Car:   VY Commodore

Engine:   5.7 LS1

Gearbox:  T56

Diff:   Factory LSD

Brakes:   Brembo 6 Pot 350 mm, Brembo 4 Pot 320 mm

Wheels:   18 x 9 Racer Industries

Tyres:   280/640/18 Dunlop

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, Air & Allied Sales Pacific, Trans      Communications, Arrested Graphics, Prestige Stripes & Signs.

Career Highlights:  QLD Super Sedan Championship 2014, 3rd Place   Class E Bathurst 6 Hr 2019,  2019 Australian   Production Class E Champions. 2010 AJCS New   Zealand Champion 

Favourite Track:   Bathurst 

2022 Series:  Queensland Touring Cars QTCC

Colin (Blue) Stannard

Limited Sprint Car (WA Class)

Owner:   Colin (Blue) Stannard– #23 BlueDog Racing

Driver:   Colin (Blue) Stannard

Car:   Limited Sprint Car (WA Class)

Engine:   350 Chev

Gearbox:  Winters Lightweight Quick Change

Brakes:   Front = Red Devil with Titanium Rotor

  Rear = Willwood with Steel Rotor

Wheels:   Sanders and Weld Racing

Tyres:   Hoosier or American Racer

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, KT Race Engines, 6 Star Group Karratha,     Pilbara Site Pics, CNW Electrical Wholesalers Karratha, Rambler Bar and Bistro Wickham, Parker Engineered  Services Karratha, Repco Karratha and Lynne (Wife).

Career Highlights:   Every annual NBS (Nickol Bay Speedway) Annual Sprintcar Muster, racing alongside other drivers from all over the state.

Favourite Track:   Nickol Bay Speedway 

2022 Series:   Nickol Bay Series + North West

Andrew Brown

Camaro TA

Owner:   Andrew Brown – Andrew Brown Motorsport

Driver:   Andrew Brown

Car:   Camaro TA

Engine:   Mopar 358 ci

Gearbox:  Moderna 6 Speed Sequential

Brakes:   AP Racing Brakes

Wheels:   BBS Centre Lock

Tyres:   KHUMO Controlled Tyre

Supporters: KCK Lubricants

Favourite Track:   Philip Island 

2021 Series:  National Sports Sedans Series

Wade Scott

Mitsubishi Evo

Owner: WKTS Racing

Drivers: Wade Scott

Car: Mitsubishi EVO 8 RS

Engine: 4G73T

Tyres:   Hankook Z221

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, Ownit Homes, E&K Plumbing.

Career Highlights: 2nd QLD Formula Ford championship, Top 10 finishes in Australian Formula Ford, 1st class A1 QLD Production Cars, 2nd overall QLD Production Cars Endurance Series

2022 Series:  Queensland Production Cars

Marcello Surace

Ricciardo S10

Owner: Gen 1 Racing

Driver: Marcello Surace

Kart: Ricciardo S10

Engine: Vortex RTZ

Gearbox: 6 Speed

Tyres:   MG Yellows

Supporters: KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants, Gen 1 Racing, Wiltec Industries, Alfamotive

2021 Series:  Australian Kart Championship, Rotax Pro Tour

Stephen Vines

AU Falcon Aussie Racing Car

Owner: Vines Family Racing

Drivers:  Stephen Vines / TBA

Car:  Au Ford Falcon

Engine:  1200cc Yamaha Engine/Gearbox

Chassis:  Spaceframe

Body:  Fiberglass

Supporters:  Grampians Edge Caravan Park, KCK Lubricants

Favorite Track:  Phillip Island

2021 Series:  AMRS Miniature Cars

Mark Burgess

VC Commodore

Owner: Mark Burgess

Driver:  Mark Burgess

Car:  VC Commodore

Engine:  LS1

Gearbox: T56

Brakes: Nissan GTR Slotted 330mm Front/VT Commodore Rear

Wheels: 17×8 Koya

Tyres: Yokohama A050

Supporters:  KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants, JP Garage

Favorite Track:  Lakeside

Career Highlights: 1st Place at Leyburn Sprints Sports Sedans 2019

2021 Series:  Queensland Super Sprint Series

Kade Crawford

Toyota 86

Owner: Kadco Performance & Mechanical

Driver: Kade Crawford

Age: 21

Engine: 2lt

Gearbox: Factory

Diff: Factory

Suspension: MCA Red Series Shocks

Brakes:  AP Racing 4 Spot 330mm, AP Racing 2 Spot 316mm

Wheels: OZ Racing Asfalto 18″x8″

Tyres: Dunlop Direzza Z3 225/40R18

Supporters: Kadco Performance & Mechanical, Revolution Racegear,  Powertorque Engines, Flash Diesel, KCK Lubricants, ACKCon industries, Predator Signs

Favourite Track:  Bathurst

2021 Series : Toyota Gazoo Racing Australia Series

Career highlights: 2020 Townsville Tin Tops,  2nd in Class Super Production Racing at Bathurst

Noah Sands

Formula Ford Duratec

Owner: CHE Racing

Driver: Noah Sands

Age: 16

Engine: Duratec

Supporters: KCK Lubricants

Favourite Track:  Wakefield Park

2021 Series : DJR National Formula Ford Championship

Career Highlights: Front Row Qualifier and Podium Place in Debut Season.

Future Ambition: To Race Supercars

Favourite Saying: Pretend its got wings !!

Brendan Rayner

V8 Non Wing Sprint Car

Owner:   Rayner Family Racing

Driver:   Brendan Rayner

Car:   2011 Eagle Sprint Car

Engine:   Stock LS1 Methanol with Mechanical Injection

Supporters: KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants, S.W. Hart & Co

Career Highlights:   2019 3rd Place State Title, 2020 2nd Club Championship

Favourite Track:   Kellerberin Speedway  

2021 Series:   Club Championship, V8 Non Wing Sprints, Westcoast All Sprints

Chloe Cullen

BMW e36

Owner:  Chloe Cullen

Driver:  Chloe Cullen

Car:   1997 BMW e36

Engine: BMW M44

Gearbox:  Getrag 225, 5 speed

Brakes:   BMW 330ci BRake Front and rear

Wheels: ROH

Tyres:   Nankang 235/45/17

Supporters: KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants, Pro Drive

Favorite Track; Morgan Park

Career Highlights: 2019 Clean sweep. 2nd place Autocross, 1st place dirt sprint. Medal for being a part of the driver training team and Speed Queen Award. 

2021 Series: Unfortunately not a part of any series just doing any events I can to improve skill and time.

Jamie Olsen

RSA Outlaw

Owner:   Sven and Jamie Olsen

Driver:   Jamie Olsen

Car:    RSA Outlaw

Engine:   305 Chev Small Block

Gearbox:  Valiant 3 x Speed

Brakes:   Willwood Front and Rear.

Wheels:   Weld Rims with Beadlocks

Tyres:   Hoosier American Racer

Supporters: KCK Lubricants, Aus Timing, Jettes Embroidery, CMK Haulage and SafeDig Services

Career Highlights:   Just starting out, still learning the car and tracks.

Favorite Track:   Gatton, Toowoomba and Roma

2021 Series:   RSA Outlaw Series

Jason Tebble

X3 Hyundai Series QLD

Owner:   Jason Tebble

Driver:   Jason Tebble – JT Motorsport

Car:    Hyundai X3

Engine:   1.5 Litre

Gearbox:  5 Speed Manual

Brakes:   Forza FR6.

Tyres:   Federal

Supporters: KCK Racing Australia, KCK Lubricants, Horizon Earthworks QLD, Blue Products Garage Storage Solutions, North Lakes Barbers.

Favorite Track:   Morgan Park, wanting to race at Bathurst.

2022 Series:   X3 Series Queensland

Ryan Astley

Dallara F308/11

Owner:   Ryan Astley

Driver:   Ryan Astley

Car:    Formula 3 Dallara F308/11

Engine:   Mercedes

Gearbox:  6 Speed Hewland

Supporters: Gtechniq Australia, KCK Lubricants, CRD Tech and Freem Racewear

Favorite Tracks:   Phillip Island and Sydney Motorsport Park.

2022 Series:   AMRS Australian Formula 3 Championship